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The dedicated FPG & FrL Endowment
(establ. 1996)

FPG & FrL Website
FPG (Grove/Greve) & FrL: (Else v. Freytag-Loringhoven) -- Sources & UM Archives' Collections -- Description-- History of e-Projects
FPG & FrL e-Editions include:
FPG Translations Collections (Website)
FPG Library Collection (Website)
Grove's autobiographical Books
ASA (1927) & ISM (1948)
Else's Autobiography (ca. 1923)
Greve's Fanny Essler novel + Grove's Settlers:
Mirror-Images of Else Endell & the Baroness
20 years apart, 1904 -- 1925]

Electronic Video Proceedings
of the International
Greve/Grove Anniversary Symposium
In Memoriam FPG: 1879-1948-1998
Marlborough Hotel
Keynote Address
Pulitzer Prize Winning Author
Carol Shields
"Grove's First Book Over PrairieTrails" (1922) [30.9.1998 ; real player format (.rv), 16 mins]
Session VII/1:
FPG's Contacts in Europe & Canada

Greve's Correspondence
with Famous Contemporaries like
Thomas Mann, André Gide & H.G. Wells
(gd, 2.10.1998]

FPG Poetry Edition
Online Ed.

Coming soon:
Greve's Letters to Gide, 1903-1909

French/English e-Edition
© gd 2020

Else & Greve arrested in Pittsburgh
September 1910
[a German version was prepared for a
FrL Exhibition
at the Literaturhaus in Berlin,March 2005]
Fanny Essler's Poems
Gedichte - Drei Sonette - Geduchte
100th Anniversary e-Edition
(German & English)
Article about
Greve & Else's 'Fanny Essler' Complex:
"Fanny Essler's Poems: Else's or Greve's?"
(publ. in Arachne, v. 1, 1994)
Ein Porträt: Drei Sonette
(1904/5, Facsim.)
related to FPG & Else's "Fanny Essler"

Greve's "Fanny Essler" plans, revealed to Gide
in his confessional letter sent in Oct. 1904
from his self-imposed Swiss exile in Wollerau

Else's poem "Schalk" (text)
Else's poem "Du" (text)
Else prominently placing an
1840 lithograph
depicting the Viennese ballerina Fanny Elssler
in the December 1922 issue of
the short-lived NY "little magazine" Broom

A MAJOR Key Document:
Conversation avec un allemand
Text based on the 1976 ed.
in the
Bulletin des amis d'André Gide

French/English e-Edition
© gd 2001

(German) Articles about FPG & FrL:
Greve & der Insel Verlag

Abrechnung & Aufarbeitung im Gedicht:
FrL über E. Hardt, A. Endell & Felix Paul Greve
Trans-Lit, 1998 ; e-Edition, 2005

Ella Arnhold-Lewenz, Bibliophile:
Felix Paul Greve's Wanderungen
(mss, 1901)
in the UM Archives
(with Susan Turner, Limmud Festival,
14mar2015 (PPt, 69 slides)

UM Treasures promoted:
locally, nationally, internationally

FPG & Sweden
His last German pybkication Reise in Schweden (1909)
Umeå University, Feb. 2009 (PPt)

"The Rape of Europa on the Prairies"
(about intellectual property theft)
(= Free Access To Info. & Freedom of Expression)
"Ethics in the Library" Session
Milan, Aug. 2009
(Ppt, 58 slides)

"Greve/Grove's Relations with Thomas Mann,
1902 & 1939"
Invited Guest Lecture,
Trier, Nov. 1998

"Grove's Correspondence with
his Mentor A. L. Phelps:
an Autobiographical Tale in the Making, 1922-1930"
Joint CCLA, CAUTG & ACCUTE Session on Grove
Learned Societies' Congress
Ottawa, 1998.
[e-Edition of FPG's letters, Dec. 2006]

"Greve/Grove and Freytag-Loringhoven
in Sparta, Kentucky, 1910/11"
Invited Guest Lecture,
University of Cincinnati

"Muse of important men:
Freytag-Loringhoven in Berlin, NY & Paris"
(especially, NY dada, Man Ray, M. Duchamp)
(Invited Guest Lecture) Prof. Marilyn Baker's
UM Art History Class
Oct. 19, 2005 (Ppt, 37 slides)

"Ein skandalöses Paar:
Greve/Grove und Else v. Freytag-Loringhovem"
German-Canadian Studies Program,
University of Winnipeg
(Invited Guest Lecture, organized by Prof. Angelika Sauer)

"Neues zu Greve/Grove & Freytag-Loringhoven"
Invited Guest Lecture,
Cultural Association of Manitoba,
Wildwood Park Community Centre, 1997

Articles about FPG's Translatuons
Dante & Swift
Decadents : (Wilde, Gide, Wells)
Reception , 1902-1909/10
About FPG's Two Lives
FPG's Passage & American Years
[e-Edition, 2007]
First publ. in:
New Worlds
Discovering and Constructing the Unknown
München: E. Vögel, 2000

Grove's German Heritage
The Evidence in the UM Archives
in: German-Canadian Studies in the Nineties
Toronto: German-Canadian Historical Association, 1993 (37p.)
e-Edition, 2007

"FPG (Greve/Grove) Criticism since 1973:
Mutual Reflections in
Freytag-Loringhoven's and FPG's Writings"
In: West of Eden:
Essays on Canadian Prairie Literature

Winnipeg, CMU Press, 2008

"Grove's First Canadian Publication
Rousseau als Erzieher (1914)
FPG's Model Nietzsche in Munich & on the Prairies"
2008 LCMND Conference
University of Manitoba, Winnipeg

Propagating UM Resoures at ACRL & WESS
Session on
Academic Librarians and Archival Collections
"Developing Online Collections for German Studies:
Local treasures & Free Internet Resources
at the Universuty of Manitoba"
ACRL 2009
Palmer House Hotel, Chicago, (PPt)

ACRL/Wess German Studies Web
Web Editions of Individual Authors:

FPG & FrL e-Texts:
the 1927 & 1946 autobiographies
by the Canadian author Frederick Philip Grove
(aka Felix Paul Greve)& the NY dada
Baroness Else v. Freytag-Loringhoven [ca.1923]"

gd's CV
[Curriculum Vitae]


gd's personal Galleries
& NASArt
[since 2010]
Rare Books & the Dysart Collection

"The First Century of Printing, 1450-1550"
e-Edition ©2010
An Annotated e-Edition
of the 1973
Dysart Collection Exhibition Catalogue
[in progress]
Manuscripts & Incunabula
in the Dysart Collection: Exhibition Gallery
German Printers, 1450-1500
(Article in Progress)
Sebastian Brant's Narrenschiff
with Albrecht Dürer's Woodcits
in J. Locher's Latin ed. of 1498
[Dysart no. 22]
(PPt, 60 slides)
LCMND 50th Anniversary Conference
Grand Forks, ND, 2009

UM Dept of Gernan Studies

German Studies Bibliographer, 1981-2013

German Collectioms Assessment
for a Graduate Studies Review, 2008

Adjunct Professor, 1996-2003

Graduate Student, 1985-1993

German Studies Guide:
Internet Resources

["harvested" 144 FREE internet resources
found at German research institutions,
societues, universities, etc.
Compiled for an online ACRL course on
Digital Collection Development
in 2005 ; ©gd, 2009-2013]

UML "Bison" Catalogue Records
For most items for the above Links, I provided detailed entries for the UM's
online catalogue "Bison" - as I did for many
of the books selected for the Department,
or local treasures like the massive
Goethe "Sophien-Ausgabe"
and all volumes of the
DNL [Deutesche Nationalliteratur]

German Literature Papers
[(mostly) in German]
prepared for a post-doctoral M.A.
Brecht, Goethe, Hofmannsthal, Kafka, Musil
Thomas Mann, Rilke, Trakl
Brecht's Me-ti:, Book of Changes
[Fragment, 1930s, written in Swedish excile]
Greek Skepticism
(independent study, UM Classics Dept;, 1990)
e-Edition, ©2007

UM French Department
Littérature française du XVIe siècle
Renaissance Literature Course
[UM French Dept., 1995 ; 2003 ;
2004 (Website)
all three teaching stipends were donated
to the UM Archives
for FPG & FrL Endowment purposes]

Serving as replacement
French Bibliographer
during my colleague's research leaves
French Papers on:
Montaigne, La Chanson de Roland, Villon,
La Pléiade [Ronsard, du Bellay, et al.],Voltaire, Diderot, Marivaux, Laclos,
Balzac, Maupassant, Proust, Gide,
Cocteau, Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir,
Butor, Robbe-Grillet, Hubert Aquin,
Jacques Godbout, Anne Hébert
[for graduate courses at
L'Université Laval, 1969-1972]

numerous presentations at various Renaissance Societies,
all related to my Thesis topic
"Nature, Fortune and God
in Montaigne's Essais

a lexical-semantic analysis"
[presented as
"Montaigne's View of Nature"
at the 1987
CSRS / Learned Societies' Congress
Hamilton, Ont.

"Montaigne and Religion"
at the 1981 annual
Linguistic Circle of Manitoba & North Dakota
(LCMND) Conference, Grand Forks, ND

"Montaigne and Skepticism,"
Central Renaissance Conference,
St. Louis, 1987

"Montaigne's Influence on Bacon's Essays"
Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies (CSRS)
Learned Societies' Congress, Windsor, 1988

"L'attitude de Montaigne envers les paysans:
l'évaluation de Max Horkheimer"
CSRS, The Learneds, Quebec City, 1989

UMA & UM Websites
Apart from the Archives'
FPG & FrL Research Collections
[Site establ. in 1996, e-Eds since 1999]
The Linguistic Circle
of Manitoba & North Dakota:

amd the Circle's
LCMND e-Journal

1996 Presidential Dinner Address
"A Bonanza Farm in the Dakotas:
FPG in Amenia in 1912
LCMND Conference,
Marlborough Hotel
[Video Recording by UM Educational Services]

UM Service
a Journal for the Interdisciplinary Study of Literature
[on its Editorial Board, 1990-2016]

North American Literature Course

McGill University, Montreal, 1974/75
Term Papers on
Narrative View-Point in works by
Vonnegut, Faulkner, and M. Laurence
and on
Existentialism in John Barth's early novels
Independent Studies on
Rare Book printing, 1450-1550
and an annoted bibliography on Lexical
"Living & Learning in Revolutionary Times"
From Cards to Bytes in Academic Libraries"
Trier, Partnership Conference,
1997 ; publ. in:
The University at the Turn of the Century: Canadian and German Perspectives, 1999).
e-Edition ©2007

For more Details, see Digital Projects
and also
WESS Members' Subject Guides
German Studies, University of Manitoba
144 Free Internet Resources

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University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB

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