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Title: New Worlds : discovering and constructing the unknown in Anglophone literature / edited by Martin Kuester, Gabriele Christ, und Rudolf Beck.

Published: München : Verlag Ernst Vögel, 2000.

Description: 410 p. : port. 24 cm.

Series: Schriftender Philosophischen Fakultäten der Universität Augsburg, Nr. 59

"Presented to Walter Pache on the occasion of his 60th birthday."

"Gedruckt mit Unterstutzung der Gesellschaft fur Kanada-Studien und der kanadischenBotschaft in Berlin." -- ISBN: 3896500759 ; ISSN: 09337121. -- RBR copy donatedby Dr. Gaby Divay, Feb. 2000. --

Classed with FPG (Greve/Grove) material due to several FPGarticles in this collection of essays (see below). For a print-off of Divay'scontribution about FPG's passage to America on the White Star Liner Megantic,from Liverpool to Montreal, from July 22-30, see Mss 12, Box 2, BioPass.

Note: Includes bibliographical references, a bibliography, biographical notesabout the contributors, and a list of congratualant friends and scholars.

Introduction. -- "The New World and Finding It [poem] / Robert Kroetsch.-- India in S. Rushdie's The Moor's Last Sigh, 1995 / Rudolf Beck. -- Canadaas an alternative world / E. D. Blodgett. -- Models of Canadianness / HelmutBonheim. -- In quest of the other writer / Ulrich Broich. -- New "Worlds of Wonder" (onR. Davies' Cornish Trilogy) / Gabriele Christ. --

Felix Paul Greve/FrederickPhilip Grove's passage to America: the discovery of the author's arrival in NorthAmerica and its implications / Gaby Divay. --

Strange things in Rudy Wiebe'sThe Discovery of Strangers / Maria Fruhwald. -- On new worlds in the historicalnovel / Hans V. Geppert. Constructing a new diversity: contemporary Canadian plays in English / Albert-ReinerGlaap. -- "A Woman's Way": Canadian narratives of Northern discovery / SherrillGrace. -- From Space to Place: constructing Frederick Philip Grove's Settlersof the Marsh and Fruits of the Earth / Konrad Gross. -- Inventions of the Self:Canadian palimpsests / Rosmarin Heidenreich. -- Difference and dignity: problemsof [inter-]cultural understanding in British and North American literature /Wolfgang Klooss. -- Another world: Lindalee Traceys's journey into poor Canada/ Barbara Korte. -- Constructing the North American Frontiers in Guy Vanderhaeghe's The Englishman'sBoy / Martin Kuester. -- Where literary and cultural studies meet: the exampleof film adaptation, or, E. M. Forster discovers India, David Lean recovers theEmpire / Reingard M. Nischik. -- Joseph Quesnel, 1746-1809, in Bas-Canada: anhomme de lettre in a country without literature / Hanspeter Plocher. -- ErnestCallenbach and the invention of ecotopia (1975) / Manfred Putz. -- Alice Munro'sTilting Fields / Magdalene Redekop. -- Imaginative counterworlds: literatureas cultural criticism in N. Hawthorne's fiction / Hubert Zapf. -- "PortugueseJournal 1995" / Dennis Cooley. --

[List of] Contributors, p.393-398. -- Books and articles by Walter Pache, 399-406-- Tabula Gratulatoria, 407-410.

The detailed Bibliography of Walter Pache's work shows the regrettedProfessor's wide spectrum of interests. Included are many articles on Canadianliterature and culture, including several on FPG (= Greve/Grove).

His doctoral dissertationdealt with James Hogg's 1824 "Confessions ..." (Koln, 1969); seven further bookpublications up to 1999 include one on Daniel Defoe, one on 18th century Englishliterature, three on Canadian issues, and one on "Decadenz und Moderne," thatis, literature around 1900.

Many of the ca. 90 published articles are about interdisciplinarytopics, for instance, Brecht & Britain, or Richard Wagner and Shakespeare,Blake, Poe or Ibsen in Thomas Mann, Kipling in Canada, Lafcadio Hearn and Hofmannsthal,etc.

Professor Pache also "produced annual issues of his 'Hauszeitschrift' entitled "NeueFruchte" since 1978:
NF 1 was on Grove and his hidden past;
NF 4 (1981) on ElsaHeinzelmann's correspondence from Sumatra;
NF 5 (1982) on the travel memoirsof Oscar Espermuller, 1869-1933;
NF 7 (1984) on H. G. Wells' The Cone/Der Kegel;
NF 8 (1985) on the enlightenment author Christoph Friedrich Heinzelmann, 1786-1847

OtherNFs address Ludwig II of Bayern, Hanns Johst, Georg Krauss and steam power, Japan,South Africa, the Titanic ("Literaturgeschichte eines Schiffbruchs"),and Parks. The last, NF 18 (1998) is on "Brecht und die Briten."

The late Professor Walter Pache was among the first to embrace the new dimensionfound in FPG (Greve/Grove) Studies with D. O. Spettigue's discovery of the Canadianauthor's German background as Felix Paul Greve (b.1879; to North America, 1909; to Manitoba, 1912; to Ottawa & Simcoe, Ont., 1929/1930; d.1948). --
See also: Spettigue, Stobie, & Divay Collections in the UM Archives & SpecialCollections.

Professor Pache attended the 1973 FPG Symposium in Ottawa, and he participatedin the 1998 Anniversary Symposium "In Memoriam FPG, 1879-1998-1948" in Winnipegwith a presentation about Gorve's A Search for America (1927). --

He published no less than 6 articles, mostly in English, about FPG (Greve/Grove)between 1979 and 1990, and also a major account of FPG in the 1990 ed. of thereference tool Canadianwriters, 1890-1920 (ed. by W.H. New), pp.143-156. --

Local Note:
This Festschrift, conceived to honour Professor Walter Pache's 60thbirthday on February 17, 2000, sadly had to be changed to a Memorial Volume:Walter Pache succumbed to a fatal heart-attack on January 28, 2000. --

An insertedloose-leaf sheet states: "Walter Pache, Chair of English Literatureat the University of Augsburg, died unexpectedly on January 28th, 2000, aged59. The present Festschrift had been planned by students, friends and colleaguesto honour Walter Pache on occasion of his 60th birthday. It is now dedicatedto his memory.
Augsburg, February2000, Martin Kuester, Gabriele Christ, Rudolf Beck."

Subjects: Pache,Walter, 1940-2000.
Grove,Frederick Philip [alias Felix Paul Greve, or FPG], 1879-1948.
Literature,Comparative North American and European.
Canadianliterature History and criticism.

Other Author(s): Pache,Walter, 1940-2000
Christ,Gabriele Anna, 1967-

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