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Introductory Remark:
These artful images are inspired by whatever strikes me as "beautiful" at whatever time or in whatever state of mind. In that, I follow the glowing example of the NY dadaist Else Baroness von Freytag-Loringhoven* (née Ploetz, divorced Endell, abandoned FPG-Greve): like her New York friends Man Ray & Marcel Duchamp & her German Dada compatriots Arp, Baargeld,, Herzfeld/Heartfield & Schwitters, she was fond of using "Ready-Mades" & "Objets-Trouvés
The first six in this series listed below are adaptied from Saskia Hornung's interior design creations & shots of her family members.
Unnumered, above & below this inaugural sequence, ,are links to previously established webpages, only one of which - "Starry Nights" - has an accompanying "commentary" page at present.

   * (For two NASArt Gallery pages related to my budding article "From Dachau to Dada: Else von Freytag-Loringhoven's artistic development," see a traditional & an abstract painting by her art teacher in 1900: Dachauer Moos and Dynamic Circle Rhythms / by Adolf Hölzel, 1901 & 1930, each paired with a NASA-Pic)

Himmelsscheibe von Nebra, ca. 1.600 B.C. (in German)
(Commentary on this amazing bronze-age sky-disk, in English)

A. Hölxel's Psstel for a Stained Glass Window, 1932
He painted abstract canvasses, alongside traditional landscapes, as early as 1901, years before Kandinsky.

Battle Scene of the Spanish "Reconquista", ca. 1250
(reminiscent of early Picassos, confirmed by a 2010 Thesis)

in her Calgary Dining Room, Sept. 2016

Saskia's Birthday Flowers

1. Composition in Blue
(Saskia Hornung's Interior Design, TILES)

2. Composition in Beige
(Saskia Hornung's Interior Design, KNOBS)

3. Big & Smal !.
(Three Kids in front of Chinese Center Gate)

4. Big & Small II.
(Three Kids' Silhouttes i the Telus Science Center)

5. Body Art
(Effi Hornung's Face Painting)

6. Father & Child
(Ian & Effi Hornung, March 2014)

7. Saskia on a Bottle
(Spring-Water Bottle, labeled "SASKIA")

gd's Very Own "Artful Adaptations"
Photos of mundane objects found in her home environment
Various "objets trouvés"
adapted in the vein of the New York Dada Baroness FrL
1. Dada Word-List (screen-shot, 23oxt2018)
Photos by Friends & Family

Painted Box

Red Pouch

Red Stripes

Red Spot

Red Spot, Four Times

Red Stripes & Red Spot

Glass, with Straws
Green Mellon & Wine Drink

Apple & Pear Still-Life

Peppers Still-Life
Mr. Kitty, Sitting Pretty
Sabine, babysitting this Cat

Red Bag
Sabine's Old Leather Bag

Red Sand
Sand in Sabine's Shower

Zwei Schwäne[nach photos von Lawrence Finlay]

"Thamse" by Lawrence Finlay
[from a photo, Jun 2018]

Lake Scene Rosemarie Finlay's GlassArt
[from a photo, June 2018]
1. Riga 1572 -- 2. Rima Rivers -- 3. Brahms' Gipsy Song No. 2
Susan's Paradise Pie

Starry Nights / Starry Skies
Commentary (Van Gogh, 1889 & Whirlpool Galaxy, 2017)

Three Cats:Egypt, ca. 500 B.C. - Peru, ca. 1250 A.D. - Meissen, ca. 1800 A.D. (in German)

Two Cats, Blue & Yellow (Franz Marc, 1912) (in German)

Two Riders - Two Worlds
(in German: Khou, ca. 1830s & Scythian, ca. 330 B.C.)

Two Greek Riders (ca. 450 B.C.)
(in German: Khou, ca. 1830s & Scythian, ca. 330 B.C.)

Two Horses - Two Stone-Age Worlds: Vogelherd Ivory Figurine, ca. 35,000 BC & Lascaux Cave Painting, ca. 17,000 BC.

Sumerian Chariot Horses: Three in a Row, Looking like O

Sumerian Chariots & Horses: From the War-Panel of the "Standard of Ur" (2,600 BC)

Sumerian Eagle-Headed God: Birdman & Sun God

Sumerian Gods: Birdman & Sun God

Sumerian Gods: Birdmonster Anzu & Sun God

Three Times a Full Red Moon over New York:Total Lunar Eclipse, Oct. 8, 2014 (Neo-impressionist / Pointilist -- Photograph -- Expressionist)
Landscape near Haderslev, Denmark
(Balthasar Asmussen was a Lutheran pastor there in the 1880s)

Water Lilies Rosemarie Finlay's GlassArt
[from a photo, August 2018]

Water Lilies, surreal ... Rosemarie Finlay's GlassArt, Detail
[gd's adaptation: lower part, with parked cars, August 2018]

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In due time, further information, observations, or commentaries will be added.
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