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Professional/Scholarly Communication:
BISON Records & German Studies Links Webpage


Since 1995, I have created numerous, lengthy, descriptive on-line entries in the UM Libraries' online catalogue BISON for rare, unique, or otherwise noteworthy items held in the Libraries in general, and in Archives & Special Collections or in the field of German Studies in particular.

Good examples are:
- a 1949 Kootz Gallery Exhibition Catalogue of Abstract Expressionists
  (from the Swinton Collection, 4 p.)
- Wm. Carron's Narrative of an ill-fated Australian expedition in 1848
- the orig. 1808/9 ed. of Coleridge's Journal, The Friend;
- Francesco Colonna's orig. 1499 ed. of Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, or
- Margaret Laurence's 1943/44 Neepawa Highschool editorials
  (when she still Peggy Wemyss).
These, among countless others, can rightfully be considered "mini-journalistic" e-publications, especially, when supplemented with illustrative web-pages.

The many "upgrades" performed on faulty or incomplete bibliographic BISON records provide an invaluable "service" for the future retrieval of important Library Resources. This is especially true when the CONTENS of multi-volume sets or relevant collections of articles are supplied.

Early examples include:
- the painstaking descriptive recataloguing of the massive monographic set of the Deutsche National-Literarur;
- the cataloguing of the ca. 500 titles in Grove's Personal Library, about a third of which were annotated & went into the Rare Book Vault;
- the extensive CONTENTS description of the so-called Weimar "Sophien-Ausgabe" of Goethe's Works, which had fallen prey to a hasty "recon" action in the mid-1990s, etc.

Among more recent examples, there are notably
- assuring that the ca. 60 rare books in the Dysart Collection could be readily retrieved, by means of call-numbers or series notes
- the detailed upgrading of a reprint collection of German Expressionist Journals which were transferred to the Dafoe Collections from the Architecture Library;
- the proper description of the comprehensive microform holdings of German Baroque & Enlightenment Literature (Yale's Faber du Faur, Duke's Jantz & Case Western's Scherer Collections).
These tended to be missed in collection assessments, and can now be found in BISON with direct link to the full-text Gale database.
- the ca. 200 rare book titles in the Suknaski & Swinton collections in 2009.

Since ca. 2004, the option to create direct url-links to relevant websites from cataloguing records (via 856 fields) has opened up a welcomed & generously applied nexus of flagged interrelated materials, either linked to locally held monograph- or serial titles, or newly "acquired" records of FREE scholarly air-born publications, databases, portals, etc.

After taking Diane Kovac's ALA/ACRL-sponsored online course "Electronic Collection Development for the Academic E-Library" in late 2006 for the specific purpose of developing a high-quality scholarly e-resource in my subject area of German Studies, I compiled an extensive reference Links-Page. I had also "acquired" most of the ca. 150 initial websites by creating full BISON catalogue records for them.
On occasion of a Graduate Studies Review of the German Programs in early 2009, I could make good use of those freely available internet materials.
I was also able to tie the German language content of archival resources like the FPG (Greve/Grove) & FrL Collections, and the 16 Dysart incunabula to the general German culture scope of newly introduced academic courses (German printers had a monopoly of the emerging industry before 1500).

Professional/Scholarly Communication:
UM Archives' e-Editions

e-Editions of various texts, documents, or criticism by/about FPG (Greve/Grove) & FrL (Else Baroness von Freytag-Loringhoven), such as the 1904/5 poems Greve & Else published under their joint pseudonym 'Fanny Essler', German & English versions of FrL's satirical poems about Ernst Hardt & August Endell (with Jan Horner), or Greve's 1907 autobiographical sketch for Brümmer's Lexikon. For details, see entries in the "Publications" section below.
M.A. Thesis Committee, UM English Dept.: Lorne Lulashnyk, on Grove's Settlers of the Marsh (1925), the manuscripts in the UM Archives' FPG (Greve/Grove) Collections, & the Greves' year in Sparta, Kentucky (1910/11), as intertext of Grove's first Canadian novel. - Defense: Nov. 2003.
Invited, by the Graduate Chair & the Head, UM Dept. of French, to serve on five Doctoral Theses Committees.
Member, Search Committee, for Collections' Management Librarian.
e-Editions of Else von Freytag-Loringhoven's two long, satirical poems about Ernst Hardt & August Endell. German & English (with Jan Horner. For details, see entries under "Publications").
Proceedings of the Greve/Grove Symposium "In Memoriam FPG 1879-1948-1998" edited for 12 videos with Educational Support Systems
Member, Search Committee for Head, Archives & Special Collections
Secured, with Jan Horner, a UM Research Grant for the e-publication of Grove's A Search for America (1927) & Jane Atkinson (unpublished novel, ca. 1921. For details, see entries under "Publications", 2000/1.
Organizer of the "In Memoriam FPG 1879-1948-1998" Post-Conference Tour through Manitoba Grove country (Gladstone, Eden, Waldersee, Amaranth, Plumas, Brandon, & Rapid City), Sat, Oct. 3, 1998. Tour Guide: Grove Scholar Professor Richard Ottenbreit, University of Winnipeg
Program Chair & participant, International Greve/Grove Anniversary Symposium "In Memoriam FPG 1879-1948-1998", Marlborough Hotel, Winnipeg, September 30 - October 2, 1998. -- Opening Address: Pulitzer-Prize winning author Carol Shields on Grove's first Canadian book, the nature essays Over Prairie Trails [1922]. - Responsible for the Video-Taping of all twelve sessions, incl. The Banquet, with Carol Shields, Neil Besner, Leonard & Mary Grove, Ed Schreyer as Guest Speakers, & all the other participants, including Professors Walter Pache, Konrad Gross, Irene Gammel, & Gisi Baronin von Freytag-Loringhoven.
Electronic, revised, & enlarged edition of the 1997 promotional brochure: "The FPG (Greve/Grove) Collections in the University of Manitoba, Archives & Special Collections".
Promotional Brochure: "The FPG (Greve/Grove) Collections, Archives & Special Collections, University of Manitoba Libraries", distributed at the Learned Societies' Congress, Ottawa, & at various other scholarly congregations
Elected Member, Libraries Promotion Committee
Hamilton Research Grant Committee, UML Archives & Special Collections
Literary Manuscripts Committee, UML Archives & Special Collections
Secured, from UW Professor Katherine Taylor, for the Rare Book Room: the truly rare Barbara Rooke Coleridge Collection, containing all 28 of Coleridge's exceedingly elusive journal The Friend: a literary, moral, and political weekly paper, 1808/9.
Established, with Dr. Robert Quackenbush, UM Mathematics, in Archives & Special Collections: The FPG (Greve/Grove) & Else von Freytag-Loringhoven Endowment Fund. Exclusive purpose: furthering research, propagation, & electronic or traditional publication of Greve/Grove & Freytag-Loringhoven resources
Two submissions for a revised edition of the National Library of Canada's Directory of Special Collections of Research Value in Canadian Libraries (Dysart Rare Book Collection & F. P. Grove Manuscript and Research Collections)
Member, Libraries Research Committee
Elected Member, Libraries' Strategic Planning Retreat, Nov. 17 & 18, 1994
Volunteer, UM Librarians' Council Executive Committee (Terms of References, Goals & Objectives, December 1994)
Member, Search Committee for Head, St. Paul's College Library
Appointed as Libraries' representative, Office of Research Administration, Research Liaison Committee
Member, Marc-Editor Implementation Committee
Member, Libraries' Gift Policy Task Force
Elected Member, Librarians' Council Research Committee
Member, Editorial Board, Mosaic
Member, Hiring Committee for two Medical Librarians
Elected Member, Search Committee for Director of Libraries
Member, Faculty of Graduate Studies, Comparative Literature Committee
Appointed Member, Libraries' Review Committee (Report Confluence, October 1988)
Elected Member, Librarians' Council Research Committee
UMFA Academic Librarians Committee (Chair, 1988-1990)
Member, Libraries' Promotion Guidelines Review Committee
Member, Libraries' Book Sale Committee
Chair, Librarians' Promotion Committee
Member, Libraries' Promotion Guidelines Committee (Guidelines, May 1981)
Member, Board of UM Faculty Club
Chair, UMFA Status of Women Committee
Member, UMFA Status of Women Committee

Refereeing & Reviewing


CSRS journal: Renaissance and Reformation/Renaissance et Réforme
UM's journal Mosaic: A Journal for the Interdisciplinary Study of Literature
Canadian Comparative Literature Review.


Anglistik: Mitteilungen des Deutschen Anglistenverbandes
ESC: English Studies in Canada
German-Canadian Yearbook
German Studies Review
Philosophy and Literature
Romance Quarterly

Individual Reviews are listed in "Publications and Presentations"


SSHRCC Conference Grant (with M. Shkandrij): $10,000 for the International "In Memoriam FPG 1879-1948-1998" Anniversary Symposium, Sept.30 - Oct.3.
University of Manitoba Program Development Grant (with Jan Horner): $6,613 for the electronic publication of Frederick Philip Grove's unpublished novel Jane Atkinson (ca. 1927), and his first autobiographical, out-of-print book A Search for America (Ottawa: Graphic Publishers, 1927)
University Research Grants Program (URGP): $5,000 for the desk-top and electronic publishing of Finding Aids related to the archival Greve/Grove source- and research collections (Grove Manuscript Collection; Grove's Library (500 titles); Greve's Translations, 1902-1909/10; Spettigue Research Collection; Stobie Research Collection; Divay Source- & Research Collection)
FPG & FrL Endowment Fund: research expenses, mostly for website development & services, related to the UMA's FPG (Greve/Grove) & FrL (Else von Freytag-Loringhoven) Source- & Research Collections, amounting to some $30.000 [when counting three informal contributions from UM French Renaissance Literature teaching stipends].
University of Manitoba Academic Development Grant: $15,500 for the acquisition of expensive bibliographic tools in support of German materials in all disciplines: incl. the Gesamt-Verzeichnis des deutschen Schrifttums (GV), 1911-1963, 150 v.; Deutsche literarische Zeitschriften, 1940-1914, 5 v., & many journals like Die Insel, Die Schaubühne, Der Sturm, Die Zukunft in reprint- or MForm editions.
Research & Travel Grants: successful applications to the University of Manitoba Research Administration for Research Travel Grants for some twenty years. These grants amount to well over $130.000 in support of FPG (Greve/Grove) & Freytag-Loringhoven research in Germany, France, Switzerland, England, Austria, Italy, and the United States. Several grants were for Research Leaves awarded in 1985/86, 1990, 1993, 1998, & 2001. Grants are submitted in university-wide competition, and adjudicated by the UM Office of Research Administration.
Travel, Conferences, and Research Support from PDA (annual Professional Development Allowances): reimbursements for research expenses, amounting to some $20.000 in partial support of FPG (Greve/Grove) & Freytag-Loringhoven research or research materials like antiquarian copies of Greve's translations into German, or the 1st ed. of Grove's autobiographical novel A Search for America. These funds are often used to supplement projects funded by the FPG & FrL Endowment since 1995/6.

About   Education   Professional Experience: UML & McGill/HH   Teaching Experience
Memberships & Affiliations   Grants   Refereeing/Reviewing   Professional/Scholarly Service
Professional/Scholarly Communication, UML: BISON Records & Archival e-Editions
Publications/Presentations: 1980  1990  1995  2000  2005  2010  2015
Papers in German & French

Dr. Gaby Divay
Senior Scholar, Archives & Special Collections
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